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The Creators

The Artist: Adam Oehlers is an Illustrator currently working out of Norwich, England. He has exhibited worldwide from Australia, to the UK, Europe and the States. He has worked alongside writers and publishers from around the world, he has worked as Concept artist, Character Designer and Writer for Animations and Computer games.


Adam Has always found a great deal of inspiration from the classic Illustrations of Arthur Rackham, Edward Gorey and any intricate classic pen illustrations and print work. He has a great love of old stories and fairy tales and aims to tell a story through every illustration. In his work he strives to create a sense of nostalgia to take the viewer back to a forgotten memory, with the goal of reminding them of the soft magic that surrounds us.

The world he focuses on is a strange old place, lamp lit and cobble stoned, trapped in its own time with odd pieces of magic that creep in at the corners.

The Creator: Stephanie Burrows is the owner of Three Trees Tarot and the creator of both Oak, Ash and Thorn and Smoke, Ash & Embers.


Some of Stephanie’s earliest memories of Tarot include her mother reading Tarot for friends and family. Her own journey with Tarot came much later in life, after the passing of her father. Now, Stephanie enjoys starting her day with Tarot for inspiration and guidance. 

Adam Oehlers
Stephanie Burrows
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