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Unboxing Smoke, Ash & Embers


Hi there! Just in case you missed it, the cards in Smoke, Ash & Embers are a little more snug in their boxes to make the pack more solid for extra protection. To remove your new deck from its box, we suggest one of the following methods (the first one is the easiest)...


Method 1: Open the lid of the box and fold it back at the crease. Cut/tear the paper band that binds the deck together in the middle (creating a little handle), and pull on it to wriggle your cards free.

Method 2: Open the lid of the box and fold it back at the crease. Grip the  top of the deck with your thumb and index fingers. Holding the bottom shorter edges of the box (your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other), pull the box away from the cards (it should slide off).   


Method 3: You could also hold the corners of the box gently by cupping your hand around the box (without squeezing), and simply slide the cards out.


You will also notice the two blank cards placed in the front and back of your deck like little bookends – these are merely for extra protection during the printing and posting process; once you remove them, the cards will glide in and out with ease. Feel free to remove these cards, or perhaps you may want to jot down some notes or even use them to mark the pages of your favourite book 😀

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